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Friday, September 30, 2011

First Meeting: A Change in Practice

While most meetings will focus on the work of a small group of teachers, the first meeting sought to have everyone participate in thinking about how they improve as teachers.  Using the Change in Practice protocol, each teacher shared a way in which they improved their teachers. Teachers who choose to will be sharing their writing on this site in the coming days.  The prompt was:

Describe a significant change you have made in your practice: 
  • What were you teaching/doing? 
  • What change did you make? 
  • Why did you think you should make a change? How did you know you should be doing something
    differently? Was there a question that led to the change? 
  • How did you decide what to do? Was there data or evidence of some sort that made you think you
    should make a change? 
  • How did you know whether the change was successful/was working? 
  • Who else played a role? 
  • Now, what are you wondering about? 

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