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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Best Practices -Project Based Learning

I don't feel like I have any slam dunks or home runs when it comes to teaching. I often struggle to create protocols that are repeatable. However, I do have some things that make life in the classroom easier for students and teachers. Project Based learning takes lots of planning and anticipating the students' needs. This planning however helps make the project run smoother. Some of the things that has helped me are as follows:

1. Make it as authentic as possible. writing letters to editors, making a historical board game.

2. Students lead. - Introduce the project and then ask the students to come up with the need to knows and next steps. Make it as clear as possible why a student is doing an assignment.

3. Let them Struggle.- Struggle with how to solve a problem, not on what to do next.

4. Accountability in Group Work. - Everyone has a role and tasks. Groups can fire a student and that student has to then do the project on their own.

5. Finish the project. - A celebration of the finished project will help set up the students for the next project.

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